The Artwork of Eleanor Boesma


For the last few years, collage art has steadily held my attention. Eleanor Boersma has been on our radar all month, so it only felt right to feature her artwork on Entropy. However, aside from her artwork, we have a lot of similar beliefs that are manifested in Entropy Threads.


Recently, her artwork has been shown in magazines and galleries all over Chicagoland, telling stories about experiences as a midwesterner or life with her 2 y/o daughter. Her view on art is similar to her view on fashion, and well, life in general. She enjoys the problem solving process, Macgyvering things, and figuring out how to break into her apartment. The collage process for her is similar to a puzzle - first sifting through vintage imagery to find the pieces that "fit" together. She finds all the imagery for her collages at thrift stores and garage sales ( which is also where she finds the products for her online boutique, Tuckahoe Homemaker Vintage).

Eleanor - "With collage you have to always being on the look out for images that speak to you and inspire you, I think that can transcend to all ways of life."

Eleanor has also been experimenting with embroidery as art. When I asked her how she got into embroidery, this was her response...

"With embroidery that really came to be because I wanted something to do while I was hanging out with my infant daughter. I hate being bad at things and I hate reading directions so crocheting and knitting were out, I knew I could sew so I picked embroidery. Also, I can do them relatively quickly and I enjoy getting to work on a variety of images and themes. Also, I just like looking at them...everything I've done so far is something I don't mind staring at for a couple of hours. boobs.plants. It is convenient that other people like looking at boobs and plants as well."

Check Eleanor's site for upcoming shows and events.