"Reasons Why"


A fall of race on yellow pages
I've got no habitat or season to exist
but, a hideaway lies somewhere south
Where I can slink away and shut my mouth
and if I think of something else I'll let you know

It's a picture stolen from my sleep
where air chill and space is cheap
and the faculty are all supervised.
It's made from grit and sand
It's small enough to hold in your hand.
Imagine all the things that never end 

I hide my face on other days
because I find it fun
It separates old and gray
The perfect time to lose your mind
is when you know you're out
and you still have a chance

The diaries of all their sons held
something that was frowned upon
a heavy taste of grime
because the youth was lost before it had name
no one laughed we felt ashamed
It was too soon to say 

When the metal came alive
You came around
As I gathered up my few things
I fell apart
Hold yourself together now 

Every day I wait
I think of all the things I used to say
and how my folks are getting
older by the hour
I'm waiting for
the day you prove
that you're back to yourself again

because When the metal came alive
You came around
and as I gathered up my few things
I fell apart
and a new day started
Troops came flooding in
and you, a guardian actress
had a reason to abuse myself
Well, I said that I wasn't ready
Who are you to say, "I think I'll run away"? 

True love,
We'll fall on our fucking faces

cover image by Shamis McGillin