ALBUM: Psycho Tropical Berlin - La Femme

La Femme- Biarritz / Paris

La Femme is a psych-electro punk rock band from France. Their music walks a strange line between 80's new-wave pop and lo-fi surf rock, served up with sultry vocals and playfully dark undertones. We've had their 2013 release "Psycho Tropical Berlin" on repeat for the last two weeks! They also have some sweet album covers - give them a listen below


Above: "Amour Dans Le Motu" music video

Right: Official album covers, including censored and rerelease

Below: Unofficial cdr covers from tour

La Femme albums:

Listen to the full album here:

La Femme - Psycho Tropical Berlin - 2013 - Disque Pointu/Barclay/Universal Allez les voir en concert!

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