McQueen is back.

Images Courtesy WGSN

Images Courtesy WGSN

The house of Alexander McQueen is back! After watching the Alexander McQueen S/S 2015 show in Paris this past fashion week, It finally feels as though Lee himself is a puppeteer pulling the creative strings of his own fashion house once again. Sarah Burton took over as head designer after Lee's tragic suicide in 2010 and although she has had critical acclaim and put out some stellar collections with shows to match, it never quite felt like "McQueen". Burton started out cautiously when first taking over the house and has been putting out very safe and reserved collections for the past few years which feel very safe compared to the underground punk roots of McQueen himself. The house which was once known for grittiness and high fashion fantasy, matched with unmatched craftsmanship, has been overshadowed by Burton's lackluster attempts at fusing these elements together along with repetitiveness the past couple of seasons. Although it is important for a new designer to bring something of their own to a house with an innovative twist , it felt as though Sarah Burton was still trying to find her place in the house and took us all along with her on the journey. For many this was journey of lost interest, myself included.

For those who stuck around, the S/S 2015 collection was worth the wait. Burton has finally reached a comprise between her more conventional approach and McQueen's undoubtedly unconventional one.  The silhouettes were nothing groundbreaking, but garments were erotic with their bondage undertone mixed with the more floral and feminine fabrics. Showcasing the symbiotic relationship between femininity and sexuality is what McQueen was best known for, and Burton hit the nail on the head this time around. Along with the touches of the avant garde with the black masks, this is the House of McQueen we missed, and the one we hope to stick around for more seasons to come.

Photos from the show below:

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