"A Passing Light"


I am seeing them 
In my head 
I'm swimming in this 
inner resting colors
blues and greens 
a pillow squeezed 
between my hands
and face it 
places will be
able to be
I'm not so full 
I'm operating 
out of key
but balancing
between the rests 
beneath my chest
a bleeding beating 
thumper thing
four in at best
a stable test
tickle my neck 
with teeth a tongue
I'm young except 
I'm almost not but 
fun to some 
that know me best
believe, the rest 
they think I'm crazy 
crazy thoughts 
and misbehaving 
the way I want to be
the haunting things 
are passing
tasks are done
and tasks will come on 
let it be
relieve the stress
unleash the rest 
and let life be
aware of fear, but distant
fixate on
what  makes us different 
dictate self control 
your mind is beauty 
full of light