Dissappointed in you, US

So November 4th came and went, and now Illinois is a republican state. WHATEVR. I didn't vote, so whatever.. But suspiciously, neither did the other 90% of Illinois residents. And on top of that, now we have a republican senate too. So my question is...

what election?

The day after the "election," I saw a group of people in masks picketing outside the Illinois State building - the governor's office building. I jumped in to get a better look and because I wanted to fuck shit up with the 'anonymous' people. Instantly, I knew I was in the wrong place..

These were just a bunch of kids, writing ignorant bullshit on signs, trying to get on TV. They didn't have any reason to be wearing masks, because they weren't breaking any laws. They didn't even know what to say, but they knew they were pissed.. One kid even had a Bear Grylls knife sheathed onto his army backpack.. I thought, what a joke. The governor is probably laughing at us.

Is this the best we can do?

But at least all of us picketing outside had one thing in common. We were all pissed about the government's bullshit..

Everyone KNOWS the government is corrupt. We all know about lobbyists and different ways candidates take money from corporations. We also know that the future is ours, and it's up to us to change it. So why can't we? Maybe voting is what needs to change.

So what do we do?

- We can make it illegal for any candidate to take money from lobbyists. It would also be illegal for them to pay for advertising. We would get rid of ALL election propaganda, because lets face it, nobody cares. That money should be given to schools and food pantries. Not spent on yard signs or robot phone calls.

- We can make it easier to go vote. Election Day could be a national holiday (makes sense, right?). People are busy enough as it is, they don't need to go stand in line and fill in a bubble. PAY people to leave work and go vote.

- We can make it possible to vote electronically. For god's sake, it's 2014. Make a fucking app for it. Then maybe next time I can vote while taking a shit.

- Or we can start a coup and give everyone in politics a dry hand job.

These are just opinions. But one thing is certain, something isn't working here. Maybe in the next 20 years we can fugure something out.

But in the meantime, I'm going to do what I've always done..