[group therapy] pop-up shop @ FLAUNT
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[group therapy] pop-up shop @ FLAUNT


’13’ presents an experience of “permanence.” People perceive the “mentally ill” as a dysfunctional group that seem to struggle with self-doubts and demons. For us, even with prescribed medication coupled with the treatment of specialized therapists, it only numbs the pain. It creates more deepened and unresolved issues for the patient. However, to our surprise, we found warmth and comfort with the people who were the same as us, who listened to our doubts, and who shared their own demons while at the same time helping us confront ours. It was a permanent force of clarity. It was ‘group therapy’.

Moreover, ‘13’ has sought after brands in which those experiences can be further developed in collaboration. Entropy Threads offers the inverse of "permanence" - the inevitable decay. In today's society, impermanence is essential for a great business. Products are designed to become obsolete, where the final destination is inevitably the trash - locking us in a toxic cycle of buy, discard, repeat. Rather than fixing our problems, it has become easier (and more lucrative) to create new ones. But through the process of resurrecting and redesigning vintage clothes, Entropy Threads aims to alter spending habits one consumer at a time.

With this, it is our pleasure to invite you to join us at our ‘group therapy’ Chicago installation. Hosted by Flaunt Wicker Park, the pop-up exhibition will showcase a performance in collaboration with Entropy Threads, where shared experiences have presented an understanding of what the group therapy show creates.

***The Show/ Performance will promptly start at 7pm, 
sales and after party will run from 8pm-11pm***


***First 60 people to RSVP to info@13-thirteen.com will receive Free Admission and swag bag when arrived at the door,

General admission is 2$ at the door****

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